Having the ability to track driven routes 24/7 is so important, especially for employee accountability. Believe me when I say this, having this kind of security is truly a money-saver!
— Jose S. - PC Patrol

We were recently approached by a security patrol company, responsible for patrolling a gated community. The security patrol company received complaints from the property manager that the homeowners have not seen the patrol cars on the property. The security company was at risk of losing their contract with this community. 

We installed our GPS fleet tracking units in their vehicles.  Through the use of our detailed reports and landmarks, we were able to set a boundary around the gated community, streets and houses of the homeowners who believed the patrol company was not doing its job.

Through the use of our GPS Fleet Tracking solution, the patrol company was able to show what time their patrol vehicles entered and exited the gated community and that their vehicles patrolled every street. More importantly they were able to validate to certain homeowners that their patrol cars passed by their house.

The patrol company secured a long-term contract with the property and earned contracts with two new communities that the property management company owned. 

ehsi Fleet’s fleet tracking system puts a stop on bad employee behavior. Having that peace of mind and track-ability is worth every penny.
— Kevin G. - Aqua Pool Service

We were approached by one of our customers, a pool maintenance company with 15 vehicles. They were experiencing an unexplained increase in the chemicals, supplies, and fuel costs, while the number of pools they were serving was not increasing. The company allowed their technicians to drive the company trucks home.

Through the use of our GPS Fleet Tracking solution, the company determined that several company vehicles were moving between 7:30pm and 10:00pm, with 15-20 minute stops at residential addresses near their homes. The company quickly realized these technicians were doing side jobs, and collecting cash payments while using the company's chemicals, supplies, and vehicles. The company immediately addressed this issue to eliminate the unexplained increase. More importantly the company reduced their fuel costs by 15% each month.

All of our employees have integrity, unfortunately sometimes you have to prove it. Thanks to ehsi Fleet’s GPS tracking I was able to have the data to back my employees.
— Jim J - Jackson Landscaping

One of our landscaping maintenance companies called us and stated that one of their customers claimed that the landscape maintenance technician stole a UPS package from their house. This was a long-time customer and a long-time employee, so the company was shocked.  

The customer stated that the package was delivered around 3:00 PM, and they arrived home around 6:30 PM. Through the use of the daily trip report available through our GPS Fleet Tracking solution, the company determined that the technician arrived at the residence at 8:42 AM and left at 9:18 AM. Also the company was able to determine that they had no other vehicles within 15 miles of the home the entire day.

After presenting the customer with this evidence, the customer learned that neighbor had picked up the package, since there was an increase in package theft. The customer was very appreciative of the efforts the landscape company went through to investigate his concerns. The landscaping company was also pleased that our solution protected their employee, integrity, and reputation.